Extending eZ Platform REST API for building decoupled sites and applications

Workshop abstract

By using and extending the eZ Platform REST API, you can have a strong leverage to go multichannel. In this workshop, you will work on a full Single Page Application (SPA), using modern JavaScript components, which consumes the REST API and is decoupled from the backend completely.

Workshop level


Workshop takeaways

Participants will discover and use the eZPlatform REST API, the basis of VueJS and GraphQL, gain insights into eZ Platform, Symfony, JavaScript and best practices going the headless and decoupled way with eZ Platform.

Antonin Savoie

Antonin Savoie


Antonin has been a web developer at Kaliop since 2014 and is soon to be Lead Developer. He works with eZPublish, Symfony, Vue.JS, Cordova.

Dirk Kredler

Dirk Kredler

eZ Systems

Dirk is a professional consultant at eZ Systems. He has a lot of experience with web technologies and especially LAMP stack. He invented his own framework and CMS, still in use by the larger installations, but fortunately changed both to Symfony and eZ.