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Interaction design beyond the pixels

Workshop abstract

Interaction design is breaking away from the simple screen UIs in ever more exciting ways. We're being asked to put screens on all types of devices, everything has to be "smart" and our users are rarely just sitting at their desks while using our designs. Unfortunately, we don't yet have good tools for prototyping and designing these new experiences.

Workshop level


Workshop takeaways

At the end of this session you will:

  • Be better at designing and prototyping multi-modal interactions.
  • Learn how physical ergonomics affect your designs.
  • Learn how to integrate physical prototyping methods into your workflow.
  • Learn how to invent new methods for your own unique design challenges.
  • Learn how to design for these new products and contexts using hands-on, non-digital methods.

Workshop slides

Workshop photos

Kevin's workshop
Kevin's workshop
Kevin Cannon

Kevin Cannon


Kevin is a Principal Designer at frog. He helps Fortune 500 companies and startups research, design, and launch new products and services into the market. He has designed connected coffee machines, medical devices, smart home products and museum exhibitions.