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Contextual Experience Design: Designing great user experience with context

Workshop abstract

When we think of context, we often only think of location, or website versus mobile use. It's much more than that. Context could include the environment your users are in, their social circles, and even their tradition and custom.

In this hands-on interactive workshop, you will explore ways to identify users' needs, behaviours, and expectations based on their context, and design a great experience accordingly.

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Workshop takeaways

You will learn how to identify users' context of use and use them to design a good user experience of a product or a service.

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Chui Chui's workshop
Chui Chui's workshop
Chui Chui Tan

Chui Chui Tan

beyō Global

Chui Chui has spent over 12 years working in user experience with organizations like Marriott, BBC, and Google, from initial research to helping them develop multi-channel global strategies. She is currently the Managing Director at beyō Global and is also the editor for Smashing Magazine and the author of "International User Research".