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Middleware architectures in PHP with Zend Expressive

Workshop abstract

Middleware has recently become a must-know concept for PHP developers. With the advent of PSR-7, which standardized HTTP messages, many frameworks embraced and fostered the spread of such an approach making it easier for developers to create performant, composable, and customizable software architectures.

In this workshop, you will incrementally develop a RESTful API using Zend Expressive, exploring its components and its workflow. You will discover how the framework allows to easily create simple and well organized code, exploiting open source libraries and middleware layers which could be reused for other projects, even with other frameworks!

Workshop level


Workshop takeaways

You can expect to be able to understand middleware and exploit its advantages. You will be able to integrate, reuse, and (why not?) write framework-agnostic middleware layers to customize your application workflow. Hands on examples and pills of real world experience will boost your productivity and cut low the entry barrier as well as helping you avoid common pitfalls.

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Marco Perone

Marco Perone

MV Labs

Marco is web developer who grew up as a mathematician and loves to bring into his code the same formalism and precision. He loves design patterns and enjoys experimenting with them. In his spare time, Marco likes to read books, learn new things, and talk with people about new trends in the programming world.

Stefano Maraspin

Stefano Maraspin

MV Labs

Stefano's been a PHP enthusiast for the last 15 years. Through his career, he's been leading the design and development of quite a few enterprise software projects. He's an advocate of user-centered development practices, and loves to read, learn, and exchange opinions on coding and software engineering best practices.