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Building APIs in an easy way using API Platform

Workshop abstract

The web has changed! Users spend more time on mobile than on desktops and expect to have an amazing user experience on both. APIs are the heart of the new web as the central point of access data, encapsulating logic and providing the same data and same features for desktops and mobiles.

In this workshop, Paula and Antonio will show you how to create complex APIs in an easy and quick way using API Platform built on Symfony.

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Workshop takeaways

You will learn how to create complex API, fully tested in a simple way using API Platform. Hands-on examples and approach will show you how to write tested, documented, and amazingly quick APIs.

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Paula Čučuk

Paula Čučuk


Paula is a PHP/Symfony developer working at Locastic. She specializes in building custom software solutions and lately she has been doing more and more REST API and third-party software integration which provides data for both mobile and web applications. In her free time, she enjoys good music.

Antonio Perić-Mažar

Antonio Perić-Mažar


Antonio is a CEO at Locastic, a digital agency based in Split, Croatia. He is focused on sharing his business and development knowledge with startups and other entrepreneurs and is a frequent speaker on international conferences. In his free time, Antonio is working on his PhD in Computer Science.