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Web of Things – Peer to Peer Web

Workshop abstract

The web today is a growing universe. Over the years, web technologies have evolved to give web developers the ability to create new generations of useful web experiences. One such feature is WebRTC, which provides browsers and mobile applications with Real Time Communication (RTC) capabilities via simple JavaScript APIs.

In this hands-on workshop you will learn to build applications to support real time communication on the web. You will build an app to get video and take snapshots with your webcam and share them peer-to-peer via WebRTC. Along the way, you'll learn how to use the core WebRTC APIs and set up a messaging server using Node.

Workshop level


Workshop takeaways

  • Learn to setup a websocket server using Node.js (Prior Node.js knowledge not required)
  • Learn about the WebRTC JavaScript APIs
  • Build a selfie sharing web app
  • Build an audio/video chat application

Workshop slides

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Workshop repo

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Princiya Marina Sequeira

Princiya Marina Sequeira


Princiya is a software engineer at Zalando extremely passionate about JavaScript. She loves to speak at conferences, network with people, motivate and mentor them.