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Universal JS web applications with React

Workshop abstract

Since we started seeing JS on the server side, the developers' dream has been to reduce the gap and the cost of switch between frontend and backend. Today with Node.js, React, and a whole ecosystem of tools, this dream is becoming true!

In this workshop, Luciano is going to discuss Universal (a.k.a. Isomorphic) JS and present some practical examples regarding the major patterns related to routing, data retrieval, and rendering. He will use Node, React, webpack, Babel, and React Router, and give you a series of examples to get you started easily with this new technology trend.

Workshop level


Workshop takeaways

  • What universal JavaScript means
  • When to use it and why
  • What is the current ecosystem around universal JavaScript
  • How to build a simple Universal Javascript application with React and Express

Workshop slides

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Workshop video

Luciano Mammino

Luciano Mammino

Planet 9 Energy

Luciano is a software engineer born in 1987, the same year that the Nintendo released Super Mario Bros in Europe, which, by chance is his favourite game. His primary passion is code and he is extremely fascinated by the web, smart apps, and everything that's creative, like music, art, and design.