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Building a better login with the credential management API

Workshop abstract

Login pages are probably the single type of page that users on the web interact with more than any other. In recent years the sign in experience has changed with the advent of federation via social networks, but whether a user has to type an email address and password or click a link and be redirected via Facebook, the process still interrupts the journey.

The Credential Management API, a new W3C standard designed by Mike West at Google, is an attempt to help streamline this process at the user agent level. This workshop will investigate the new API and explore how we can use it to progressively enhance customer journeys in the apps we build.

Workshop level


Workshop takeaways

You will build a simple demo application featuring a login page enhanced via the new Credential Management API. It will include interaction with federated identity providers such as Facebook or Twitter and cover how to build such functionality in a progressive way that does not harm the experience for users in older browsers.

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James Allardice

James Allardice


James is a senior engineer with several years of experience in building single page web apps with Node.js and a variety of front-end technologies. He's currently enjoying building React apps and libraries. In his spare time, he enjoys answering tricky questions on Stack Overflow where he's built up a reputation as a JavaScript expert.